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Meditation Course Tuesday Lunchtimes

How to Be More Focussed

12 Mar 2024-26 Mar 2024

In this short course you will learn how to develop and improve your concentration, how to overcome your distractions and how to cultivate your ability to concentrate through training in meditation. You will also learn how mindfulness, alertness and concentration work together to improve your mental peace and well-being.

You will:

· Discover the power of a concentrated mind

· How increasing mindfulness can improve your well-being

· Learn methods to prevent persistent distractions


March 12th: Concentration Toolkit

March 19th: Strong Focus, Inner Clarity

March 26th: Mindfulness training for daily life


Each class consists of two guided meditations and instruction. Anyone can practice meditation and everyone is welcome to attend. There is no physical exercise involved and seating is on chairs.

These classes are run as courses but you don't need to attend the full course and can just come along to individual classes as you wish.

They are taught by the Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Nyingpo. She has a wealth of experience having been ordained as a Buddhist nun for over 25 years and taught for many years internationally. Her teachings are warm and inspiring and she understands the challenges people face in their lives, offering practical advice and solutions for the modern world.