University of Reading Rock Society

The Univeristy of Reading Rock Society is a fun and inclusive society that aims to foster a community of people with a love for music.

As a society we take part in a plethora of events on campus and off, such as attending regular alternative nights out in our favourite haunts like Purple Turtle. We also thrive off of going to gigs together in places like The Face Bar, or even travelling further afield to collaborate with other Univeristies; like when we ventured to Royal Holloway for their ‘Hell-O-Ween’ gig night!

We are strong advocates for inclusivity and accessibility. We aim to make this society as welcoming and attainable to everyone as possible. Community is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we want to reach out to YOU, and form bonds with Reading’s hidden gems and wider public to ensure we give our members the most expansive and enjoyable experience they can get! 

So keep your eyes peeled for some exciting events that are open to not only students, but absolutely everyone!