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Updated 'Vote 105' PART 1 Women of Reading Walkabout

With 2023 additions not in my book!


I'm conducting a Special Updated 'Vote 105' Part 1 (2018 was the 100 year Anniversary of more UK people winning the right to vote, especially women) - Women of Reading - Walkabout - Guided Walk - later turned into my book & this is updated especially for 2023 with additions not in the book!!

If you want a signed copy of my book, let me know beforehand please.

Please arrive 10 mins early for signing in etc.). Please Message me ring me on 07505351517 if you have any questions or wish to book more than 1 place.

Starting point is outside Talbot House, 55 Castle St, Reading RG1 7SN

It will be easy walking (1+ mile) visiting places in Reading town centre associated with the several Famous/Not so Famous Women/Ladies with some surprises for you.

It is planned to last less about 2 hours including the walking and there will be time for discussion/Wash-up afterwards as I will finish close to a place where we can go for a cuppa/lunch & loo.

It will be Limited to maximum about 16-20 places.

The charge is per head. I donate my walking fees to charities (less a very small amount of expenses). The charities are then potentially able to claim Gift Aid on the donations I make, which adds 25% to the total raised.

Please bring £5 (Adult), (£1 or £2 child over 5) in cash donation , will be equally split between my 2023-24 Charities:- starting from April 6th 2023 for a year are:-

I no particular order, they are:-
1st - Home-Start Reading - supports families in Reading through difficult times, to help parents give their children the best possible start in life. Their trained volunteers, mostly parents themselves, work alongside their expert support team to help families with young children, who are struggling due to a range of reasons. These might include low mood, depression, anxiety, ill health, disability, broken relationships, bereavement, domestic abuse, poor housing or financial hardship. The parents may be feeling overwhelmed and isolated and lack the self-confidence and strategies to break the cycle. Home-Start Reading helps to build their capabilities, connections and resilience, giving children the chance to thrive, have a happier future and enjoy the same opportunities as others.

2nd - The Reading Ukrainian Community Centre - houses the Berkshire branch of the Association of Ukrainians in GB (AUGB). Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine last February, the Centre has concentrated its activities to support Ukrainians arriving in the UK, while also delivering equipment and humanitarian aid to those on the frontline. Weekly coffee mornings are held at the Centre, giving Ukrainians new to Reading and their host families an opportunity to meet & chat with fellow Ukrainians & members of the community. Additionally we host regular events to provide advice and support around topics such as employment and housing.

For more details about what my walkabouts offer please see my Reviews :-