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L1NKN P4RK and Stiff Bizkit

The UK's #1 tribute act to LINKIN PARK and the UK's #1 Limp Bizkit tribute act - together for one night at Sub89. Let the millenium nostalgia commence!


"L1nkn_P4rk was formed in Bristol following the passing of Chester Bennington. From the very beginning, our mission has been to pay homage to Chester Bennington and promote mental health awareness.

After 3 sold out shows in different cities it was recognised that this project was something extremely special. Since then we have played shows all over the country including Bristol, Glasgow, Plymouth, Hitchin, Hull, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and many more.

We pride ourselves on bringing fans an authentic, live, Linkin Park experience through our raw and high energy performances, playing all the hits that span the band™s catalogue. We work very closely with Help Musicians and have raised over £2000.00. 50% of all our merchandise sales are also given to charity supporting causes in line with our band™s mission and values."

Stiff Bizkit

Stiff Bizkit are the UK's #1 Limp Bizkit tribute act. Recreating the look and raw energy of the definitive Nu Metal giants they take you to the Matthew's Bridge and Beyond!

After more than 10 years on the road, Stiff Bizkit are now regulars at some of the largest Tribute Festivals in the UK and Europe, not to mention the clubs, venues and big name festivals like Graspop Metal Meetup & RADAR Festival UK!

One of their "party tricks" which has become a spectacle in of itself is the ability to perform their set without swearing once at family-friendly events, which has seen a younger generation of new fans getting into the music! Yes...they even play "Hot Dog"!

If you want to go back to the 2000's when Nu Metal ruled the world, book now for the authentic Limp Bizkit experience!