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Breaking the Ice

presented by Filskit Theatre in association with Unicorn Theatre

Thurs 21 Dec, 11.30am & 2pm

Join Team Polar Bear or Team Husky and find new friends.

Breaking The Ice is a playful and light-hearted show inspired by an unlikely friendship between a Husky and a polar bear.

Join us on a journey into the snow where music, shadows and projection will transport you to a place where polar bears and huskies really can be friends. Then watch as your child joins in with the adventure and takes their place on Team Polar Bear or Team Husky!

Set against the frosty backdrop of the Arctic, Breaking the Ice is a non-verbal piece which combines physical theatre, puppetry, interactive projection, animation and traditional Sami music.

Perfect festive family fun for ages 2-5
Running time: 40 mins plus 10-15 mins of play after the show

The show is highly visual with little or no language, therefore all performances are suitable for deaf or hard of hearing audience members.

‘Visually and aurally rewarding’

The Stage

'Set in the coldest of places, Breaking The Ice is sure to give you the warmest of feelings’

Curious Mum

‘It was a wonderful show and we took our daughter twice, she adored it. She loved the interaction with the actors - who were so lovely with the kids. A joyous experience for us all, thank you.’

Audience member