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by Tangled Feet & Rowan Tree. For ages 7-11 years.

Sat 2 March, 11.30am & 2.30pm

"Highlights the importance of play as a positive force: a means of self expression, for learning, companionship, challenge and teamwork.” Everything Theatre

We are all trying to work out our story. Who are we? How are we shaped? Where do we fit in?

Cleo arrives into a new home, unsure of what the future holds. She meets the playful Bertie, who brings her out of her shell, and Leila, who she has more in common with than she first thought.

Life has been unsettled for the trio: Bertie is pushing towards the future, Leila is trying to reconnect with her past and Cleo is searching for answers.

Together they balance, dance and climb to navigate imagined worlds, divided loyalties and loved ones far away. They unite to discover a place called home, the value of play, and together, learn how to own their own stories.

Developed through working creatively with young people in care over a period of years this "inspiring, engaging, beautifully evocative production” (Everything Theatre) explores a fundamental need we all share - the need to belong.

Nominated for Two Off West End Awards (Best Production, Best Performance by an Ensemble).

For ages 7-11 years & their grown-ups.
Running time: 55 mins (no interval)

"So much more than theatre, Belongings is an outlet for therapy, a joyful celebration of
childhood play, an articulation of resilience and a message that children in care can find
their place in the world"

Everything Theatre

"It’s brilliantly done, managing to be extremely relatable for children with no experience
of the care system while giving them a rare insight into the reality of life in foster care”

The Family Stage

“Thank you, I felt what you felt”

Child Audience Member

“It reached my heart”

Child Audience Member

“I was moved and greatly touched with the bold and balanced, sensitive and remarkable
presentation of the stories... It truly captured the essence of children, their words, their
pace and their sharing"

Grown-up Audience Member

“Thank you for transporting us to another world, for allowing us to explore complex
emotions in a safe space”

Teacher Audience Member