Nature Nurture

Our mission is to support wellbeing and wildlife by connecting people with the parks, woodlands and waterways within and around Reading.

People thrive in the wild. Immersion in nature has been proven to decrease stress, improve cognitive skills, boost our immune systems and promote exercise. It has a role to play in strengthening our social connections. What’s more, there is empirical evidence that suggests a strong link between human experience with wildlife and our feeling of environmental stewardship. 

“We believe there are multiple conduits to nature.” 

Our richly creative team is constantly imagining new and playful ways to deliver on our mission, working across the arts, conservation, wellbeing, heritage, and education sectors to provide interventions for urban dwellers from all backgrounds. And we’re proud to witness the powerful ripple effect of benefits as a result. We are ever dedicated to inclusion and focus much of our work on reaching communities living in areas of deprivation.

Our work is multidisciplinary, fresh and innovative, and we have a colourful portfolio of projects under our belts. 

We hope that our lasting legacy will be to help build creative, healthy, and resilient communities with a sense of place and belonging and urban nature spaces rich in biodiversity across the country.

“We believe in nature and creative arts for all.”