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Rocket Kings Live!

Reading's Finest Ukepop Band Live at The Flowing Spring


Original songs. Top tunes. Melodies. Harmonies. Reading's Rocket Kings released their second album ‘Paving the Way' in 2023 to glowing reviews. They'll put a smile on your face! This is the sound of 'ukepop' and they're bringing it here to The Smaller Stage! Look at these reviews:

  • "Harmonious, easy going and melodic with a 10/10 feel-good factor, Rocket Kings deliver a sound that will happily settle in your ears and leave you humming along unconsciously." ~ Amplify Music Magazine
  • "You get the feeling that this is a group of friends getting together and having the best time. They radiate positive vibes whilst blending catchy tunes and harmonies over rock/pop with a side hustle of folk." ~ Joyzine
  • "What you'd imagine The Beautiful South would sound like had their roots been in the pastoral south of England rather than its industrial north. Delicate and delicious in equal measure" ~ The Big Takeover
  • "A true sonic thrill"... The Spill Magazine
  • "I want to listen to this album while going to the beach or having a garden party. I’ve never had a garden party but there should be Rocket Kings playing and umbrellas in our strawberry lemonades." Chasing Destino 
  • "As some wise soul once proclaimed, “This Is Pop!” and it holds true here... Let it move you, make you dance, toss your cares to the wind; it’s that infectious, that compelling." ~ The Big Takeover
  • "She’s going to Mars' is a... "powerful Uke Pop banger, a catchy tune to shake a leg or go to space to." ~ MangoWave Music Magazine