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Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons

27 May 2024-29 Jul 2024

Learn to play Dungeons & Dragons at eclectic games!

The Imaginary Tavern is open at eclectic games, and Barnaby, the tavern keeper and dungeon master, is here to teach you how to play Dungeons & Dragons!

Whether you are brand new to D&D, have a few games under your belt, or want to try out a new class, come and join me and learn to play D&D.

Every Mondays
Gather from 6.30pm
Play from 7-10pm
Max players: 5

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! Character sheets and dice are provided, however, these come from the Tavern's own stock and you can't take them home.

Feel free to browse the dice at eclectic games on the website or before the session on the shop floor.

What will happen during the session?

Each session we'll run through a one-shot adventure designed to be completed in one session. This will be different each week and we'll make sure to teach you the rules as we play!

How often can I come to the session?

We know that a lot of people are eager to learn and play D&D and as such we're capping each person to a maximum of 3 sessions. As a general rule, one session should be enough for you to find out if you like D&D and further sessions (which do not need to be in succession) will give you a detailed understanding of the important rules.

Do I need to already have a character?

Nope! There'll be plenty of pre-generated characters available for you on the day. If you'd like to make your own, please see below for information.

Do I need to know the rules?

We learn as we play and will go through the rules on the day.

I want to know more about D&D before the session!

That's great! Feel free to have a look at the basic rules available for free online. Click here! You can also find plenty of how-to videos on YouTube and articles online.

If you'd like to make your own character ahead of the session:

If you want to create your own character, please create a LV2 Character using classes and races from the Players Handbook.

  • If you like things digital, you can create a free D&D Beyond account account using the beginner's guide to creating a character.
  • If you like things physical, the basic rules are in Creative Commons (basically anywhere on the internet) and create a character using pen and paper. Or stop by eclectic games and pick up a Players handbook.

Creating a character before the session is not a requirement!

About Barnaby, the Imaginary Tavern:

Barnaby is a British-New Zealand writer, performer and Games Master who has been running games for over six years.
He's been gaming since he was a kid becoming obsessed with JRPGs and fantasy board games.
As an adult, the obsession has only grown developing into a career involving writing for stage, TV and video games as well as a love of running TTRPGS.

Find Barnaby on Youtube and Instagram.

Please note: During the evening everything will be provided for you, however, you will not receive any physical take-home products.

Important accessibility info:

We will be playing on the shop floor at eclectic games. This is a tall table with bar stools and the toilets are located upstairs. Please let us know if you have any access requirements.

I want to do more RolePlaying!

Take a look at our RolePlaying in Reading page to see details about regular local games!


Please see the Games Room Rules and the Ticket & Refund FAQs before booking.

This is an e-ticket. Your proof of purchase is all that's necessary to gain entry to our events. You will receive your proof of purchase immediately after the check-out via email. There's no need to print your ticket!

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