Comedy @ Turtle

Comedy @ Turtle is Every Tuesday from 7:30PM and is hosted by local comic Carl Richard (he’s never heard of you either!). This is an evening of grassroots comedy. Forget your weak beer and over priced tickets, this FREE comedy where it belongs: in a dark, low-ceilinged cellar.

It’s what the business calls a New Act/New Material Night. You will see baby comedians take their first steps towards comedy stardom, with fear in their eyes and a lump in throat. This is as real as it gets. You will see seasoned club comics road testing new material, using the cellar as a comedy gym to strengthen their jokes.

You WILL SEE future stars of the comedy scene, be the annoying who tells their mates ‘I saw them before they were famous’ You will also see people who look like they need a hug and a cup of tea, so come down and support EVERYONE, and maybe you’ll even be inspired to try it yourself. After all everybody think they’re a bit of a comedian don’t they? ;)

Comedy @ Turtle | Every Tuesday | 7:30PM Start | FREE


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