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FSJB present Fusion 6

FSJBmusic: presenting the best of funk, soul, jazz and blues musicians, every first Thursday of the month at The Butler.

Creating a fusion of acid jazz, funk and dance rhythms, Fusion 6 play an exciting repertoire of instrumental and vocal numbers.

Fusion, the term coined sometime around the late 60s to describe a fusing of post hard-bop jazz and R&B with progressive rock has been applied to many styles of improvised music. Fusion 6 was created when old friends and collaborators in bands varying from soul/disco to funk and jazz decided to create an outlet to satisfy their need to feel the groove.  

Naturally they gravitated towards the addictive rhythms of the 90’s Acid Jazz label artists from JTQ to Corduroy, their forerunners such as The Crusaders, Gil Scott-Heron, Freddie Hubbard, to contemporary extrapolations of the style – The Jazz Invaders and Maysa.

The Fusion 6 - fusing funk, jazz, blues and Latin elements.

  • Andy Kennedy - sax
  • Tony Imbierski - keys
  • Paul Wallace - bass
  • Tony Mckenna - drums
  • Alison Rolls - vocals

PLUS! David Crocker spinning the vinyl for Universal Records before, in between and after the band til 11.30pm.