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Fight Them for the Beeches

11-13 May, 19:45

‘Fight Them For The Beeches’ is a comedy drama that follows a group of mature, eccentric characters whose connections to their residential home, Beeches Manor, and each other have deep roots. The play is set in the year 2000 just as the Lord of the Manor dies leaving family, residents and staff in disarray and the house in new hands.

Belligerent Colonel, wheeler dealer Walker, mystical Cassandra and no-nonsense Iris need to use all their shared skills and experience to find out what is going on and save their home from developers. They begin to wonder if all their problems are down to George, their mysterious new housemate.  After many twists and turns will the residents discover why their home is under threat and win the fight for the Beeches so that they never have to leave their special home.

‘Fight Them For The Beeches’ is written by Twyford Drama group member Kathy Reid who wrote and directed the successful production ‘End of Time’ which the group performed in 2012. Kathy has also had her plays performed in other local theatres including South Hill Park and Progress Theatre.