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Reading Abbey 900 online talk

An online talk exploring the history of Reading Abbey and the town of Reading itself

6th June, 14th June, 18th June, 26th June, 11th July, 8th August

2021 is the 900th anniversary of the foundation of Reading Abbey by King Henry I.  So it’s an ideal opportunity to revisit this much-ignored town, discover the remains of Reading’s abbey and explore the rest of the town’s history.

This online zoom talk, presented by local Blue Badge Guide Graham Horn, does just that.

First we will explore the town.  Here are just some of the things we'll find out about:

* When was Reading first recorded?

* What were the first and second battles of Reading?

* What happened when the River Kennet was canalised?

* What are the three Bs?

* What did the architects Pugin, Scott and Waterhouse build in Reading?

The middle part of the talk concentrates on the abbey.  We will answer all of these questions and more:

*Why did King Henry I create an abbey here?

* How did it function?

* What nationally significant events occurred here?

* Where did all the stone go?

Finally, we will take a virtual perambulation of the Abbey Quarter


All this from the comfort of your living room.

Choose from one of the following dates:

  • Sunday 6th June
  • Monday 14th June
  • Friday 18th June
  • Saturday 26th June
  • Sunday 11th July
  • Sunday 8th August