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Wine and Crisps Tasting

21 Feb 2024 Multiple times

Sometimes you just don't have anything in the fridge, can't be bothered to cook, and for some reason can't decide on a takeaway, but still fancy having some wine and something nice to eat with it.

For times like this a bag of crisps and some wine work surprisingly well. 

I will try not to get involved in the hierarchy of the crisp world. Skips vs Monster Munch (pickled onion or flaming hot), Wotsits (now in more flavours than you can count), or Frazzles, Walkers VS Tyrells and that's just the ones from the UK. 

We will taste some really special wines and match them with our favourite crisps while sticking to the principles of classic wine and food matches. You never know what you might like!

This tasting is Vegetarian friendly and all wines and crisps will be suitable for Vegetarians.

You can also get 20% off dining on the evening of the event at the Corn Stores with code TVWINESCHOOL