Terry's Reading Walkabouts

I set up my guided walks with the following aims/objectives:-

1. To get fit and to pass on my love of local history/culture, famous people, battles, architecture, gardens, buildings, events and so much more in a fun way about Reading.

2. All monies go to manly local charities as a retirement hobby.

Being very successful, I now have 11 different Walkabout Routes/Themes:-

1, Main Town Centre - I talk about our Abbey, 5B's, famous people stories, dispelling 2 Myths.

2, Reading to Caversham return via Thames.

3, Reading's Influential Women - Part 1 - 14 Women - Now part of my new book

4, Reading's Influential Women - Part 1 - 24 Women - Now part of my new book.

5, Baker Street Square Conservation Area.

6, Bricks & Water - Downshire Square, Conservation Area.and more

7, Reading's Famous New & Old Architecture.

8, Reading's Proud Photographic Heritage.

9, Reading Famous Crime & Criminals.

10, New from 2020 - Reading Ghost & Strange Happenings

11, New for 2021 - Castle Hill & Coley Areas

I have raised over £8,000 for local charities in the 4 years I have been operating.