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Page One Theatre present Rise and Fall

presnted on tour by House Theatre

In Rise And Fall you’ll meet all manner of balloons from small floating moons to vast bouncing orbs. Forever expanding and contracting, balloons are free to float, fly and sway. Hold your breath and go sailing away. Rise and Fall is a poetic and intriguing performance for young audiences about holding on and letting go. 

Suitable for ages 2+
Running time: 35 mins

Audience Feedback for 'Rise and Fall'

We've never been to anything like this before, it was so cool. It's great that it was so close to where we live.

The kids were so calm, it was amazing that 21 kids were playing in the space with balloons at the end but it still felt so calm.

I loved the simplicity of it.

Really enjoyed the audience participation at the end

The show was calm and mesmerising. I loved being able to take part at the end

It was captivating, the movement, sound and light. Peaceful and relaxing. In a world of technology this is a real pleasure, simple and calm

A wonderful concept and sheer joy!

We loved all of it - magical & inventive

Lovely show, perfect for little ones. Lovely simple music and beautiful lighting. Beautiful

Lovely show, kids so captured by it

Really visually beautiful and appealed to younger and older children

Children were all really engaged. All enjoyed performance and free play after with balloons.

Audience Guide

My child has quite a short attention span – can they get up and move about?

During the show it's best if children can stay seated to watch, but if they want to get up and move about feel free to take them outside and then return when they want to. You can come and go as many times as needed.

What happens if my child cries?

If your child becomes unsettled it would be best to take them outside, but you can come back in whenever they feel like it.

Can my child eat during the show?

It's best to eat before or after the show and avoid food during the performance.

Is it okay if my child speaks and comments on the action during the show?

Yes, children often comment on the show as it is happening and it is fine to speak in a hushed tone to your child during the show.

Can the audience play with the balloons?

At the end of the show the audience are invited to play with the balloons. The performer and ushers will make it clear when this point is.

Will the balloons go bang?

No balloons are planned to go bang or pop in the show, the performance has a gentle quality. However balloons are unpredictable, so there is always a small chance one might pop by mistake in a performance.

What type of balloons are they?

The balloons are biodegradable latex balloons. Some people are allergic to latex, so please don't handle the balloons if this is the case.

Do I stay with my child or leave them to watch the show?

Please stay in the theatre space while your child is watching the show, if they are confident they may want to sit at the front while you sit further back, but please do stay in the space and keep an eye on them. Please help the ushers to ensure your child doesn't enter the performance space until the end where they can play with the balloons.

Can we take our balloon home?

Yes, please feel free to take the balloon you have played and continue to explore at home! If you have chosen a balloon that was used in the show, an usher will swop the weight for you and give you a special weight to take home with you.

Still have questions?

Contact the Box Office on or 0118 960 6060, or visit the company's website at