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Little Bulb presents Hibernation

Sat 8 Oct, 11.30am & 2pm

The biggest yawn, the cosiest bed,
The softest blanket, the sleepiest head,
Winter’s approaching, prepare for a rest,
With some help from the animals who hibernate best. 

Come and be transported to a magical forest full of mirth, live music and marvellous creatures. 

As the nights drawn in and temperatures drop, staying wrapped up warm in our beds seems like a great idea.  But have you ever imagined what it would be like to stay asleep for the whole of winter?  Some creatures are experts and they’re here to show you how.  Join award winning Little Bulb (house band in CBEEBIES The Nutcracker) as together we prepare to take a very long nap! 

Audience members are encouraged to bring a favourite blanket and any cuddly friends who would like to tag along!

For ages 3-7 and their families
45 mins