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Emily Chappell's Epic Tales of Cycling Adventure

The inspirational adventurer and endurance cyclist Emily Chappell joins us to discuss her acclaimed books and remarkable life story. 
Emily Chappell was not sporty at school, but when she reached her mid-20s, she gave up her office job and began to make up for lost time. In 2016, she cycled 4000km in 13 days, from Belgium to Turkey, to become the first woman home in The Transcontinental race. Her account of the experience, 'Where There's a Will', part-travelogue, part-open-hearted memoir, was nominated at the 2020 Daily Telegraph Sports Books of the Year awards. 
Emily will be discussing how she changed her life and her other epic journeys (Anchorage to Seattle; Wales to Japan; across Iceland) in an evening of evocative and inspiring conversation with former Procycling magazine writer, Duncan Steer.

Tickets: £15
Talk starts at: 8pm