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Cruella, Pretty & Richie by doris allimadi

Saturday 27 April, 4pm & 7pm

A love story with a twist!   

Ezra, an Israeli man falls in love with an Afro-Palestinian woman whilst at a UK university.  They hope that their love will unite their communities and have a ripple effect throughout the world.  But will their families accept this love?  Will the world accept this union? 

At university they form an unlikely friendship and alliance with 3 ambitious immigrants, Cruella, Pretty and Richie, with larger than life dreams.  Together they vow to change the world for the better, make it a beautiful and safe place for all.  But what about Cruella’s stance on those dingy boats and multiculturism? 

Come and find out on 27th April. 

“Cruella, Pretty & Richie” is utterly dramatic and spellbinding.  Truly unmissable. 

Tickets: £12.50 including ticket fee.
Running Time: 1hr approx.

First show starts at 4pm, the second show starts at 7pm.