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Catch that Beast! by Bucket Club

part of Head in the Clouds festival

3 Jun 2022 Multiple times

FLASH SALE: all tickets £5 until midnight on Thursday 26th May

For ages 5+ (fun for all the family) 
Running time: 60 mins

The Royal Society of Beastologists are a group with one mission: to track down and capture Mythical Beasts. They’re holding their annual meeting here in hopes of finding the Fearsome Beast of Reading. They’re hoping you, their new members, might be able to help.  

But Jessy, the youngest Beastologist, has her doubts about Beast hunting. What if the Beasts don’t want to be found? Why don’t they just do some birdwatching instead?  

Catch That Beast! is a magical, deliciously silly show about wild things and finding the bravery to change.