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Bex Burch & Leafcutter John

+ SEDR77 + John Christian

Minimalist percussion meets exuberant synths on 'Boing!', a first-time pairing of like-minded artists Leafcutter John, "one of the UK's most fearlessly inventive electronicists" (Time Out London) and "imaginative" (The Wire) composer, percussionist and gyil player Bex Burch. 

When a planned meeting in Sheffield was put on hold John and Bex began playing together using Zoom during the first lockdown of 2020. 'Boing!' is a celebration of listening and creative freedom from two of the most exciting voices in the jazz+ scene. 

"I suggested playing over Zoom and that we use the delay as part of the improvisation" Bex describes, taking turns to lead the exchange, whilst enjoying the looseness of "there not being a definite time", as John puts it.

'Boing!' is proof of the joyful potential of technology to enable remote and almost simultaneous improvised musical conversations. More importantly this absorbing album celebrates Bex Burch and Leafcutter John and their unique creative collaboration.

'Boing!' by Bex Burch & Leafcutter John is released by Vula Viel Records on 29th October 2021, artwork is hand painted individual cassettes by Leafcutter John and CDs by Bex Burch.

Support comes from two local acts. John Christian makes improvised electronic music ranging from dark ambient to pulsating rhythms channelling 70s Berlin & SEDR77, an evolving project from members of Year of the Kite, whose sound involves noise, loops and an occasional beat: sludge-synth, with glacial speed.