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The Beginning

by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas. Part of Dance Reading.

THE BEGINNING is an alternative dance piece of beginnings: beginnings of shows, beginnings of relationships, beginnings of difficult moments... 

Bert and Nasi explore and muse on the different ways they can or could have started their shows and lives working together. Touching on all the joys, difficulties, excitement and exhaustion that comes with beginning again and again.

As a part of the show, they work with a chorus of local, non professional participants, all aged 60 and over. They watch the two dance. They dance simple movements with them. Serving as a gentle reminder that beginnings don’t stop with age and that we can always choose when and how we want to begin.

The piece is a life affirming, surreal meditation on life and relationships. Guiding the audience to a place of emotion and heart with neither performer, audience, or participants knowing exactly how they got there.

Presented by South Street in partnership with Dance Reading.

Running time: 60 mins
Age guidance: 12+