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40/40 by Katherina Radeva

presented by Two Destination Language. Part of Dance Reading.

40/40 is an inspiring, insightful and moving celebration of Katherina Radeva’s 40 years as a woman, a migrant and an artist. Claiming space on a dance floor for one, she writes stories of her past, present and future, in speech, in electrical tape and in movement.  

From the little girl dancing at her parents’ student parties, to the teenage rhythm gymnast who was body-shamed, to the creative who refuses to be categorised we see a choreography of all the joys and sorrows of 40 years. Radeva is an irresistible performer whose authenticity and generosity shines in this life-affirming piece. 

Supported by three brilliant female choreographers - Liz Aggiss, Lucy Suggate and Rachel Krische, Katherina’s 40/40 is the result of 40 years of joy, migrancy and hardship, laughter and tears, super tunes and super moves. Join the middle-aged woman revolution by dancing, claiming and reclaiming the beautiful, glorious and messy complexities of womanhood. 

This show is CAPTIONED.

Presented in partnership with Dance Reading.

Content warning: full nudity (no scenes of sexual nature), heavy breathing, middle aged woman dancing with much joy!

Running Time: 50 minutes
Age guidelines: 14+ (see content warning above)

“Emboldening and unapologetic joy”

The Stage

“Katherina Radeva’s 40/40 is an absolute joy”

Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor

“Go and see Katherina Radeva’s open-hearted, full bodied empowered and empowering dance show 40/40”

Donald Hutera, The Times & Indepedent
Photograph of an audience watching a performer wearing a hi-vis vest holding a microphone

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