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Alison Cotton + The Pawnbroker + Dom James

presented by The Pawnbroker & South Street

Thu 12 Oct, doors 8pm

Alison Cotton uses viola, voice, percussion, recorder, omnichord, shruti box and piano to create eerily arcane tapestries of supernatural beauty.

Alison crafts cathedral vault soundscapes soaring into a magical realm entirely of her own making, haunted by folk’s dark ancient spirit at the same time as providing a much needed time suspending antidote to tumultuous modern times. 

Praised by The Wire, The Guardian, Mojo, Uncut, 6Music, BBC and the Quietus for both her albums and live performances, The Pawnbroker are bringing her back to Reading. 

Her last album was The Guardian’s Folk Album of the Month, The Quietus’ Album of the Week and reached number 37 in its Albums of the Year along with Stewart Lee’s year end list.

Alison is currently working on her fourth album.

“An eerie, lost folk horror soundtrack glinting in the sunshine, Cotton’s pure English voice rising mysteriously around the violas and recorders.” The Guardian


The Pawnbroker are Ben Sandiford and Pete Brookes. They make anthemnal soundscapes using only piano, vocals and sound textures, and have performed live soundtracks to their own edits of the films Carnival Of Souls, Noe’s Seul Contre Tous, Tarkovsky’s Solaris and Lumet’s The Pawnbroker.

They have played shows with Nils Frahm, Oscar winning composer Dustin O Halloran, and Peter Broderick.


Dom James is a Reading based musician currently focussing on minimal repetitive music as a salve for the woes of the modern world.

Doors: 8pm 
Planned Stage times: Dom 8.30-9pm / Pawnbroker 9.15-9.45pm / Alison 10-11pm 
Curfew: 11pm