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Pressgang Club

Reviving the Pressgang Club format, a range of radical acoustic folk acts. Four acts from Reading and beyond plus Germany.

The Pressgang Club was curated by Reading's punk-folk band Pressgang in the late 1980's and saw many cutting edge performers come and play; such as Michelle Shocked who played for over 5 hours, Boiled in Lead also from the USA, Attacco Decente who toured with Billy Bragg, Clive Product from Berlin and many others re-writing the story of folk music.

This event will feature Damian Clarke, the founder of Pressgang playing the Hammer Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy, as well as George Whitfield (Accordion) and Tony Lyons (Guitar) from Pressgang with their exciting festival duo, Boxset. Special guest will be Kent Nielsen who ran Pressgang's German record label TWAH!, performing his own and punk songs on the Ukelele. And starting the evening is Gillian McCoy a mountain dulcimer player from Reading.

So an evening packed with exciting players, all well known in Reading but on the same bill. The space is limited so buying your tickets early is recommended and come early to get a good seat.

Stage Times:

  • 7.45pm Gillian McCoy
  • 8.15pm Kent Nielsen
  • 9pm Damian Clarke
  • 10pm Boxset