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Punkoween at the Face Bar!

Punkoween - tribute festival with three of the classic punk bands Blondie, Sex Pistols and the Ramones

Totally Blondie

Since forming early in 2018, Totally Blondie have rapidly gained a reputation as the best Blondie tribute band in the UK!
Blondie were one of the most iconic bands of the 70’s & 80’s, with posters of Debbie Harry adorning most teenagers’ walls, and they’ve continued turning out hits and great music right up to 2017’s Pollinator album. People of all ages, not just hardcore fans, know and love songs like Hanging On The Telephone, One Way Or Another, Call Me, Atomic, Heart Of Glass, Sunday Girl, Denis and all the other famous chart-toppers. And Totally Blondie make sure these fantastic tunes sound as fresh and exciting today as they did back then.

With a stunning lookalike and soundalike singer, an exceptional, professional live band, their full-on, passionate performances are winning over audiences up and down the country. So, come along and relieve those classic moments – it’s totally authentic … it’s totally awesome … it’s Totally Blondie!

The Sex Pistols Exposé

Approved by all members of the Sex Pistols, the 'Sex Pistols Exposé' are the worlds number 1 tribute which brings high expectancy where ever they perform, branding the well known clobber with Johnny Rotten's snarling persona and Sid Vicious's gimmick, It will bring back the highly loved spirit of 77'. With 2000+ shows between them all, 15 years plus experience and having played all over the world like USA, Brazil, Japan, Australia and all across Europe including the famous 100 club & Longhorn Ballroom, The fans will get the chance to experience what all the excitement was about.

Occasionally used for TV and film work the contentious quartet will be heard belting out classics like Pretty Vacant, God Save The Queen, Holidays In The Sun and Anarchy In The UK and a few extras.

With a plethora of witty stage banter and raw energy the Sex Pistols Exposé will have any crowd cheering for more!

The Remones

The Remones are a Ramones tribute from Reading. The Ramones originated from Queens, NYC. The Remones originate from just off the Oxford Road in Reading which is even rougher than Queens - especially on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon. 

Look forward to a high octane ride with classics such as Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Havana Affair, Surfin Bird, Gimme Shock Treatment, Somebody put Something in my Drink, Bonzo goes to Bitburg, Beat on the Brat and many more total bangers from one of the most influential bands of the 20th century. Gabba Gabba.