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Solo Jazz & Charleston

Level 1: Jazz A-Z

Join us for Level 1 on Monday evenings online!

Join us for this Level 1 Solo Jazz class. Each session we’ll be introducing and breaking down a number of Solo Jazz steps, concentrating on technique, shape/styling, timing/rhythm and transitions with a view to build repertoire over time.

    Improvised Solo Jazz


    £5 per person per class, payable by PayPal to Please email us if an alternative payment option is required.


    This class is suitable for all levels, but will particularly cater for absolute beginners and improvers. It’s aimed at swing dancers and non-swing dancers alike, anyone wanting to build their Solo Jazz repertoire from scratch or plug in the gaps. This class will be slower paced and repetition heavy.

    Join Us

    Note: These classes will be hosted on Zoom, which you’ll need to download/register for in advance of the class (it’s free!).

    Step 1: Join the RSJ Solo Jazz & Charleston Class facebook group for the Zoom link, class updates and notifications.

    Step 2: A little before 7pm on Monday evening, use the link to log into to the class. We’ll kick off just after 7pm, so make sure you’re ready to go when you log in.

    Step 3: Head over to PayPal to make a donation to support our teacher and venue ( and please include your name and the date of your class with your payment).

    Class Tips

    Floor: If possible select a room with a non-carpeted floor; wood flooring is best where possible.

    Space: Risk assess your space! Look out for things you could bump into or knock over. Clear space by removing or moving furniture where possible and clear any potential trip hazards.

    Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes allow you to move.

    Footwear: Footwear should be comfortable, not too grippy and not to slippy on your flooring. If your shoes are too grippy, you can do this class in socks, just be mindful to keep your weight centered so you don’t slip over and look out for anything sharp on your flooring.

    Hydrate: Have water to hand!

    Rules: Throughout the class look out for yourself. If you feel any pain, stop. If you need a rest, take a break. Drink as and when you need. Take it at your own pace – there’s no judgement or competition here, we’re all just having fun.