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Book Signing: The Happy Prince, Two Rivers Press

Mon 18 Oct, 11:00-13:00

Meet the illustrator Sally Castle, get your copy of the book signed and see some of the artwork on display at the Museum!

This new edition of Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince sets the story in Reading. Pick up your map of a walk to discover some of the locations (free during the book signing event).

Sally Castle’s beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated edition of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince sets the story among Reading’s parks, squares, rooflines and churches – the town that’s shaped her and her artwork and where Oscar spent an unhappy period in gaol. This enchanting combination of fairy story with concrete urban reality, a tale of sacrificial love written with a flourish and swirl, turns a simple book into a gem as precious as the large red ruby that glowed on the Prince’s sword-hilt. With an introduction by Michael Seeney, author and collector of Wilde’s work.

Reading Museum is proud to support local publishers Two Rivers Press.

map of locations in the Happy Prince