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From September 2022

3 Sep 2022-3 Dec 2022

Big, bold and colourful the Abstract Art exhibition is a joyful display of paintings and sculptures from the Reading Museum collection.

Abstract art is about much more than imitating the world as we see it and it can be many different things.  It can be an exploration of notions that all artists think about like colour, shape, space, composition, or materials. It can be an expression of emotion. It can seduce or repel us with optical effects, and it can be the result of experiment, chance, even accident.  Often it demands our attention and always it repays our investigation.

The exhibition includes works by great abstract artists like Terry Frost, Steven Buckley, Prunella Clough and Barbara Rae with examples of related ceramics and weavings.

Why not get creative yourselves? – Look out for our autumn challenge to make music in response to the art in the gallery or join in events and workshops about Art and Music in the Art in the Dark Months 2023 programme in the new year.