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Exploring Space in Abstraction: creative workshop with artist Robert Fitzmaurice

Saturday 4th February - 10:30 - 16:00 including a 30 min lunch break

Join Reading artist Robert Fitzmaurice to explore how artists work with pictorial space.

The day will start with a gallery talk moving around the Abstract Art for Everyone exhibition. Drawing on his long experience as a painter and sculptor Robert with consider works that show how the internal space of an image can be made shallow or deep, constrained or boundless, through the use of colour, shape and surface. He will then lead you through a practical workshop exploring the theme, using a variety of dry media and with an emphasis on colour.

The day will end with a review and discussion. A workbook covering the topics discussed and with suggestions for further study will be included.

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£55 per person

Adults (16+ who are already making art at whatever level)