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Abbey 900 Digital: The 900 Steps

By Berzerk Productions

Premiering Sat 19 Jun, 12:00

2021 marks 900 years since the foundation of Reading Abbey, once one of Europe’s largest royal monasteries, by King Henry I. To mark the anniversary, applications were invited from creatives of all ages across Reading to produce digital artistic content to celebrate the Abbey from 1121 to present day.

Berzerk Productions and Readipop have partnered up to bring Reading’s Abbey Quarter to life for your enjoyment in celebration of its 900th anniversary. As well as being able to watch the whole thing from wherever you are via Reading Culture Live, The 900 Steps has also been set-up as a QR code-based walking tour.

This walking tour, inspired by pilgrimage, is entertaining, educational and immersive. Grab a smart device, a pair of headphones and explore four locations around the Abbey Quarter where you will be greeted with performances by young people. Berzerk Productions brings the drama, Readipop the epic sound production and we have collaborated with JG Dance, Reading School of Dance and musicians to showcase an array of young emerging talent. Whether you like acting, street dancing, ballet, or a simple guided tour, this walk will tick all the boxes.

QR codes will be located on the tree closest to the Co-operative nursery, Forbury Garden’s main entrance, the railing closest to the Abbey Gateway and near the entrance to the Abbey Ruins. These links will take you to the webpage where you can view the walk.

Please use the hashtag #abbey900 to let us know what you thought of The 900 Steps.

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