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What Does "Net Zero by 2030" Mean for Reading?

Reading Climate Festival


What does it mean for an entire local area to be ‘net zero’? Who’s measuring what, and why, and how is this different from the Council’s ambition for its own organisation to be net zero by 2030?

In this presentation we will hear from members of the Council who lead on climate change and energy for both the Council and – as a member of the Reading Climate Change Partnership – for the local area. We’ll hear about the biggest sources of carbon emissions in Reading and who’s doing what about them. Finally, we’ll hear some thoughts about where our own actions as Reading businesses, schools, householders, consumers and commuters fit into the bigger picture of our town’s journey to net zero.

This event is part of Reading Climate Festival 2024, offering live and online events to inspire and encourage positive action on climate change between 8th and 21st June , ending on Show Your Stripes Day.