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Anthropocene: the Human Era

Online from Thu 9 Dec, 19:00 - Thu 16 Dec

An interactive film about a young woman's dreams of the future in the wake of the climate emergency.

How can we be agents of change? Maybe by imagining a future we can make it real. Maybe not.

Anthropocene: The Human Era dives into the mind of Megan, a young woman dreaming about her future in the wake of the climate emergency.

Time is stretched and warped as she sits in her bathroom staring down at a pregnancy test, in a multiple-choice adventure story inspired by Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch and Gecko Theatre’s Time of your Life.

What does the future hold for us, our children and our planet?

Our Fate is in Your Hands.

Age Guidance 12+


  • Greta Thunberg

"From the quality of the camera shots, to the edited together images of global destruction, to the sleek physical theatre sequences; there is such a high standard of execution and attention to detail." ★★★★★

  • A Younger Theatre 

"Anthropocene: The Human Era heralds GymJam as stars of the future who offer an insight into how theatre after the pandemic can be thought-provoking and inspiring, and incite its audience into action beyond the world of make-believe” ★★★★

  • The Upcoming

You can also register for a special online Q&A with GymJam on 16 December to talk about Sustainability in the Arts.

About the Company

GymJam is a physical theatre ensemble based in the South East of England. GymJam creates physical, visual and collaborative theatre that amplifies community voices & urgent messages. GymJam actively engages in unorthodox collaborations, in order to discover new ideas and forge unseen connections. 

Ensemble Cast & Creative Team

Anthropocene has been Devised and adapted for Film by:

Directed by: William Townsend & Gavin Maxwell 

Director of Photography - Micheal Lynch 

Produced by: Gavin Maxwell, William Townsend & Alex Lui 

Mentorship: Omari Carter - Motion Dance Collective

Technical Design: William Townsend 

Editing: Micheal Lynch, Gavin Maxwell, William Townsend

Sound Design: William Townsend, Michael Lynch

Studio: V Space at Visual Elements

Original Compositions: Piksel 

The Goodest Boy: Jackson Maxwell


Megan Noakes
Liberty Bliss
Max Curtis
Abi Smith 
Guilia del Fabbro 
Risha Silvera

Original Theatre production developed by Hueman Theatre and Ride The Wave TC

Special Thanks to: TORCH and Oxford Playhouse, Lucy Blake & Ride The Wave TC, Micheal Townsend & Visual Elements, Frantic Assembly, Pete Holland, Ben Esdale, Joel Arnstein, Steven Green & Fourth Monkey, Anne Langford, Polly Bennett, The Monobox.