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Happy Retirement Mr Pickering (Short) + Q&A With Director Keshav Shree

When was the last time you watched an LGBTQ+ film led by two sexagenerians? Join us for the premiere of Ascot-shot Happy Retirement Mr Pickering, a dark comedy that is changing the narrative of ‘coming-out’ in the over 65+ population. Director Keshav Shree (You are Cold) joins us for a post-film Q&A

After 30 years at a white-collared job, an introverted man is thrown into the isolation of retirement. This re-surfaces old suppressed desires of homosexuality and he must battle his thoughts or face his iron-willed wife and their 35 years of marriage.

Keshav Shree’s team of top National Film & Television School graduates and New York Film festival-winner actors, brings a witty and dark film about the internal turmoil of an older closeted homosexual man. It addresses major issues that 2 under-represented groups face; isolation and depression in retirement and the taboo of being homosexual in the over 60.

“I was inspired by father’s struggle in retirement and by friends from the older LGBTQ+ community. With this film’s comedic lens, I hope to ignite vital conversations about mental health in retirement, older LGBTQ+ and emphasise the importance of embracing our true selves for our survival. Enjoy.”

Join us for a red carpet, drinks and nibbles!