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Puma Theory presents...

Three Gigs. Three Corking Line-Ups

10, 17 & 24 Feb - 19:00-late

We've teamed up with local musical supremos Puma Theory and asked them to curate three nights of music for us this February. They've not disappointed, bringing you three corking line-ups of local bands for your listening pleasure!

Saturday 10th February

Puma Theory - stirring melodies, infectious riffs

Deva St John - alt-rock-pop, tipped for the top

The Nations United - new kids on the block

plus DJ sets from 19 Something


Saturday 17th February

Jopy - 21st centruary shoegaze

HööF - jingly indie rock

Adomania - a fusion of indie-rock and grunge, or whatever takes our fancy that day

plus DJ sets from Puma Theory


Saturday 24th February

Puma Theory - again!

Elucidate - alt-rock... but what's a genre tag?

Signature Bold - even more elusive

plus DJ sets from Slippery People