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Our Green Stories Tours

Curator-led tours of The MERL galleries

7 & 21 Feb, 7 & 21 March 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Curator of MERL Collections, Dr Ollie Douglas, will be joined by a different specialist for each of these tours. Together they will take visitors on a short conversational trip through the galleries, exploring our collections, and sharing Green Stories about environment, climate action, social justice, and the life and future of the planet.

Each tour will last about 45 minutes and will culminate in a pop-up display or an opportunity to peek behind the scenes. At the end of the session there’ll be a chance to ask questions and to chat with Ollie and his guest.


7 & 21 Feb, 7 & 21 March 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Tues 7 Feb – Ollie will be joined by Alex Arnall, environmental geographer and Global Development Research Lead, for a discussion of land, food security, and how our ideas of the rural idyll are shaped.

Tues 21 Feb – Ollie will be joined by Alice Mauchline, ecologist and specialist in sustainable land management, for a conversation about biodiversity, citizen science, nature, and contemporary farming.

Tues 7 March – Ollie will be joined by Jenny Chamarette—academic and writer—for an exploration of sexuality, organics, queer identities, gardening, the environment, and the many links between these spheres.

Tues 21 March – Ollie will be joined by Mike Goodman, human geographer and Professor of Environment and Development, for an examination of foodscapes, the politics of consumption, and food systems past, present, and future.

These events are convened as part of the Our Green Stories environmental campaign by Museums Partnership Reading.

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