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The Nuclear Bebopalypse Tour: Gaz Hughes Trio

"Incredible," Ginger Baker


Gaz Hughes drums, Andrzej Baranek piano and Gavin Barras bass

Renowned Manchester-based drummer, Gaz Hughes, promises an evening of excitement from his drum-led combo with lashings of swing and effortless bebop improvisations.

Inspired by the piano-trio format of the late 1950s, Gaz's new album Nuclear Bebopalypse has been described as "Old School jazz for the 21st Century" - which Gaz says sums up things perfectly.

Gaz first gained wide public recognition as drummer in the Matthew Halsall Band. As a sideman, he has performed with an impressive array of jazz artists, including Scott Hamilton, Harry Allen, Marshall Allen, Greg Abate, Alan Barnes, Bruce Adams, Mark Nightingale, Tony Kofi and  Ian Shaw and also collaborated with a number of rock and pop artists such as Patti Boulaye, Suzi Quatro, Ray Quinn, Rick Guard and Krystena Mytes.

Nuclear Bebopalypse builds on the success of earlier albums, enjoying extensive radio play and wide critical acclaim, summed up by this comment from Bebop Is Spoken Here -

"They rarely deliver anything less than excellence and today topped just about everything that had preceded it. I feel sad for the squares who weren't there."