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Entropy 02: The Meeting Point

An exhibition from Open Collective

10 Feb-23 Mar, Fri-Mon 12:00-16:00

Since Open Collective’s first exhibition “Entropy”, the exhibition space has shapeshifted to host a physical ‘meeting point’ of the common threads that exist between each of the artists and their work. Their works will expand and meet, collide and amalgamate as they reimagine and form their collective perception and acceptance of entropy. In doing so, they reject individual authorship and unite to form an all-engulfing mass of disorder.

‘Entropy’ knows no bounds – it cannot be stopped and will never decrease. So, they embrace it and move with it. Order is not an option. They, and their pieces, are reaching out to one another to steady themselves and make sense of it all.

To experience the lack of order in this world, Open Collective invites you into the eye of the storm, into the meeting point. Be drawn into the whirlwind as it manifests, see how we all must rely on each other to remain grounded. 

The exhibiting artists will be hosting workshops which will be posted separately.

To keep up to date, follow their Instagram: @open_collective_