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The Scent of Colour

Weds-Sun, 27 Oct - 4 Dec 2022

What does blue smell like? How about yellow? What colour is the scent of jasmine?

Have you ever wondered why certain smells evoke certain colours and vice versa? The Scent of Colour is an exhibition that explores this cognitive and sensory mystery.

After collecting data from local residents and carrying out research of his own, HUMOS fragrance expert, Gabriel De Carvalho will present his latest exhibition at his studio and showroom in Caversham. Following on from the success of his previous exhibition The Invisible Dress, the Berkshire perfumer will now present The Scent of Colour: A Social Exploration. He will be on hand to answer questions during the interactive sensory experience. Expect your eyes and nose to work in harmony with results that may be surprising.

With the opportunity to smell, see and explore sensory reactions, The Scent of Colour Exhibition can be found on the ground floor of the HUMOS studio and showroom. A warm and fragrant welcome awaits guests.

Exhibition open

  • Wednesday-Friday: 12pm-5pm
  • Saturday: 11am-4pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-3pm

Maximum capacity at any one time is 9 persons.