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St Mary’s Butts and Castle Street Audio Trail

Listen via your smartphone from 21 June

‘Pies, Pints and Protest: The hidden worlds of Castle Street and St Mary’s Butts’ by Fiona Talkington and Richard Bentley

Join BBC presenter and lifelong Reading resident Fiona Talkington on an engaging audio walk that brings the rich history of St Mary’s Butts and Castle Street to life.

This self-guided journey reveals often hidden histories from up to 500 years ago and celebrates iconic buildings, people and even animals.

Mixing Fiona’s personal memories within the context of contemporary Reading, this immersive audio showcases Reading’s strong cultural and social heritage.

Credits: Sound and music: Sam Proctor (Lismore Mastering), Nino Auricchio. Recorded on location and at Readipop Studios. With the participation of Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee.

With thanks to: Evelyn Williams, Margaret Simons, Katrina Parker, Jasbinder Dail, John Saunders, Dom Humphries, St Mary and St Laurence Society of Bellringers.

Partners: Reading Borough Council, Reading High Street Heritage Action Zone, Historic England, Sound UK, Readipop, Berzerk Productions.