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Play KeyForge Grim Reminders at eclectic games!


Play KeyForge Grim Reminders at eclectic games!

Sunday 26th of May
Max capacity: 16

Come and play Grim Reminders and battle it out with fellow Archons! This is a casual tournament in a relaxed setting and would be perfect for any skill level, including those new to the game. 

Your £30 entry will get you two Grim Reminders decks.

On the day you'll receive your two decks. You'll then play in a Swiss Style Tournament against the other players.

Tournament structure to be decided - please join our Discord server to cast your vote on whether you want a sealed or sealed alliance tournament or decide it each round with your opponent. Discord link.


Please see the Games Room Rules and the Ticket & Refund FAQs before booking.

This is an e-ticket. Your proof of purchase is all that's necessary to gain entry to our events. You will receive your proof of purchase immediately after the check-out via email. There's no need to print your ticket!

Join the eclectic games Discord server to chat with other players and be the first to hear about our latest news and events!