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FREE Open Board Games Day!

25 May 2024-25 Feb 2025

Come to our FREE Open Board Games Day!

We have over 2000 board games and card games in our games library!

This event runs from 11am to 5.30 with a maximum capacity of 30 people.

To avoid disappointment, we highly suggest you buy a ticket as everyone with a ticket will be prioritised on the day in case we run out of space!

Please see the Games Room Rules and the Ticket & Refund FAQs before booking.

This is an e-ticket. Your proof of purchase is all that's necessary to gain entry to our events. You will receive your proof of purchase immediately after the check-out via email. There's no need to print your ticket!

Can't make it on the day? Our board game nights are every Monday and Friday evening! Click here to see all upcoming board game events!


Here are some frequently asked questions about playing board games at eclectic games:

Can I play any game?

Pretty much! You can play any game in our upstairs board game library of over 2000 games, any game you buy in our shop, or any game you bring from home.

Do I have to come as part of a group or can I turn up by myself?

Either is fine, we have both groups and individual players turn up for our board game events. Feel free to come by yourself - there's usually always a game for you to join!

Do you have a list of all the games in your board game library?

We don't have an up-to-date list as we keep adding new releases! Here is an incomplete list on BoardGameGeek.

What's your games room like?

Take a look at our games room page which includes some pictures!

I'm developing a game and I want to playtest it - can I bring it?

Exciting! Feel free to bring it along and offer to other people to play it! As a sidenote - you can also rent out our board games room if you've got people gathered already. See our games room booking page for more info.

What are the rules for using your games room?

We extensively cover our game room rules on another page, but the gist is - be courteous to other players, the eclectic games staff, and the games room! Please also take a look at our event ticket FAQs.

Is your games room accessible for wheelchairs?

Unfortunately, our games room is upstairs and only accessible via stairs as we don't have an elevator.

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