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Club Velocity/New Mind presents Gemma Rogers

w/ Jopy & Uncle Peanut

The debut album by Gemma Rogers is easily the best debut album of the year, if not the best debut album of the last five years. Great songs. Great word play. Great swagger. This should be one of those "I was there"-type gigs.

"...mixes ska, punk and pop in a style that brings to mind Kate Nash crashing into Ian Dury as they both rush to catch the Tube..." - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Scottish Express

"...a fantastic Pic ‘N’ Mix of different musical styles and emotional moods. Rogers weaves story vignettes into her songs and the album feels like a compilation of award-winning short stories..." - Joyzine

With support from...

  • Jopy - ex-Keep Cats new musical outing
  • Uncle Peanut - More punk than your mum