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Club Velocity presents the Christians

80s UK Soul Pop Stars to perform in Reading

New date: Fri 15 Apr, 19:30

Renowned for an endless string of soulful yet socially aware hits...Forgotten Town, Ideal World, Born Again, Harvest for the World, Whats in a Word, Hooverville, Words, Father,The Bottle and many more...

THE CHRISTIANS enjoyed huge acclaim in the late 80s and early 90s both in the UK and Europe and often confused people with their band name (in fact just the brothers surname with absolutely no religious connotation!)

Still headed by enigmatic lead singer Garry Christian (who very much deserves the Daily Mirror’s description of him as having one of the finest voices in pop) who has only gained in vocal stature (and wit) over the years! The band are enjoying a revival currently touring successfully in the UK and Europe.

Tomorrow Bird
Ace local acoustic soul folk.