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The Simonds Family & Simonds Brewery

An online talk by Raymond Simonds

The Simonds brewery was founded in Broad Street, Reading, by William Blackall Simonds in 1785. After a move to Bridge Street, it remained there until 1978 and is one of the reasons Reading was known for the 3 Bs - biscuits, beer and bulbs.

Raymond Simonds, son of the last Simonds family managing director of the brewery, will begin by telling us about his Reading roots. These can be traced back to the 13th century and its wider origins in Europe and the USA. He will talk about the origins of the family brewery, its extent and eventual demise.

Pre-booking is required, because the event link will be sent in advance. 

Image: Dr Neil Clifton / County Lock, River Kennet, Reading (cropped) / CC BY-SA-2.0

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