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Rocket Kings / DAP & The Loveable Fraudsters / Lee Switzer-Woolf

Rocket Kings present an evening of great music:

Purveyors of the finest ukepop, Rocket Kings are excited to make their debut at The Butler to play songs from their new album, 'Paving the Way', as well as a selection of old favourites. There will, of course, be some daft banter, some space-themed activity, and, quite probably, some audience running activity . It's going to be a lot of fun.

The fantastic country rock of Damien A. Passmore and the Loveable Fraudsters: "Country rock with it's tongue well into its cheek and everything turned way up. Bringing together the least likely country musicians in town, DAP & the Loveable Fraudsters fuse hilarious lyrics, brilliant musicianship, awesome vocals and a whole bunch of energy into the loudest, laughingest country rock you'll hear in a long time - and you'll be humming for days."

Lee Switzer-Woolf released his excellent second album, 'Annihilation Signals' earlier this year. It is first-class indie folk, stripped-back lyric-focused songs with darned good tunes. Lee’s other work includes folk band The Seasons in Shorthand and punk band Launch Control.