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Limpopo Groove

Tribute to Geoff Hawkins who played Saxophone for Limpopo Groove a few years ago.

Limpopo Groove is an established, upbeat, afro-fusion group for all ages and walks of life. Formed in 2009 by Tomson Chauke, they play infectious, lively music, inspired by their drummer and founder’s African homeland. With original songs written in Shona and English, they blend afro jazz with tribal beats and European influences to create catchy rhythms that crowds just can’t help dancing to.

Aiming not only to entertain, but to integrate cultures and reach out to an international audience by mixing European music with polyrhythms and a traditional Zimbabwean base, the band is named after the Limpopo river which flows through the borders of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa before pouring into the Indian Ocean. Music is a universal language that helps break down barriers and build bridges, so as the river unites all these different countries, music too has the power to unite us, bringing communities together to learn about each other’s cultures and celebrate diversity. That’s why audience members can expect to learn a little bit of Shona every Limpopo performance, along with some dance moves!

So, if you enjoy flute, guitar, keyboard, saxophone, congas, bass guitar, shakers and vocals…and watching parts of a drum kit being simultaneously dismantled and played on the drummer’s head…well, this is definitely the band for you! 

We are at The Butler Friday 22 March for a Bring the Sunshine back gig.

Doors from 7:30pm