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Berzerk Productions is a multi-award winning drama coaching company in Reading. We have private drama classes in Tilehurst, Woodley, Spencers Wood, Caversham and Pangbourne. We work in many local primary, secondary, private and specialist educational schools, all based around Berkshire or south Oxfordshire. We cater for all students and abilities between the ages of 4 to 19. Our innovative workshops have been making believe since 1994 and providing knowledge through experience, in a fun, safe, inspiring environment. 1000's of parents have expressed their gratitude in their child’s self-development, self-esteem and confidence alongside their acting and drama skills.

We also put on a range of shows and musicals for our Juniors and Senior students during Easter, the Summer holidays, Christmas and in partnership with National Theatre Connections.


Drama concerns the development of personality. Young people should acquire social and life skills through drama. We endeavour to bring out positive aspects of personality: self confidence, a tendency to listen actively, a sense of humour, the ability to relate more easily with others – possibly because one is more at ease with oneself. Drama is about instilling the desire to communicate. It is about losing inhibitions. It is about feeling the confidence to express your own point of view. In our changing world it offers a sense of belonging and community.

Berzerk Productions is currently adapting the “Can’t Say, You Can’t Play” Vivian Gussin Paley approach, with strict ideals to strive for:

  • Praise people
  • Avoid put downs
  • Notice and correct hurts that have been inflicted
  • Right wrongs
  • Seek wise people as friends and advisor
  • Acceptance of Difference