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Rapunzel - Easter Theatre School

6 to 11 yr olds

3rd-6th April, 10am - 4pm

Let your child’s hair down this Easter with our “Tangled” inspired Theatre School, Rapunzel! We all know the story... The Princess with magical hair that glows when she sings is locked in a tower by the vain, manipulative and sinister Mother Gothel who needs Rapunzel's gift to stay forever young. Rapunzel's only wish is to see the world and not just through a window. Can the swashbuckling thief known for his smouldering charm free the princess? Or will Maximus, the royal horse, apprehend Corona’s most wanted criminal before he can save the day? This is your child’s chance to relive this classic tale. They will sing, act and learn choreographed dances from the hit Disney film.


Filled with drama, dance, costumes, make up, theatre crafts and so much more! 


Free show for friends and family on the last day.