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Bach to Baby Easter Holiday Family Concert in Reading - Scenes from Childhood

Miaomiao Yu, piano

Friday 12 April 11.00-11.45

Do you remember the melodies and rhythms passed down through the generations, those heartbeats of the land? Be guided by the piano, as we immerse ourselves in the music of Schumann's Kinderszenen, explore the beauty of the Chinese countryside chasing butterflies, and delight in the gift of the New Doll from Tchaikovsky's Album for the Young.

Friday 12 April 11.00am

Bach to Baby is the critically acclaimed concert series for babies, toddlers and their families to enjoy together.

Tots dance, roam about and revel in the wonder of live music, while you take a moment out of your busy day to hear top notch performances by outstanding musicians, with your young babes in tow. Performances are held in stunning venues across London and the South East, in your local neighbourhood as well as special events at Buckingham Palace and Royal Albert Hall.

"It's about Mozart and Bach, feeding and crying, and dancing to music all of it"~ Miaomiao Yu, founder